This quote inspired by my life experience...and made for a better life...

"Sometimes to judge people, we only require a high sensitivity and a strong instinct because if we try to know people most of them wearing a mask"

"Yes.. thinking based on logic take me away from the true love but protect me from a love bitterness.."

"I often complained about disloyalty in love relationship but God never complained about my loyalty in our inner wonderful God"

"L = Loyalty , O = Open mind , V = VOW , E = ENIGMAS they unite to be love...."

"Without L = Loyalty , love cant hold out and only be O-V-E"

"Without O = Open Mind , love cant to be better and only be L-V-E"

"Without V = Vow , love cant give a feeling safe and only be L-O-E"

"Without E = ENIGMAS love cant give a spirit to struggle and only be L-O-V"

"Well, after all, i understand why God makes two places in world for human, upper and under, it aims to makes us struggle for life..."

"Life is not about money ,position,authority,prestige and sex lust..but life is about how stronger you struggle to fulfill all"

"Woman searching rich man, man searching beautiful woman, it's not fair but this is reality..even they forget what they really need : LOVE"

"Sometimes between love and lust exist silliness..and if all unite will become a baby and remorse... ;)"

"Just to sharing experience, we shouldn't insist to maintain relation that makes us hurt,it only will pile up the me :)"

"Woman who think w/ logic dominate,tend to wouldn't show the true feeling..she always look like stronger but in other side, she's very fragile"

"God makes two different things in this world..they can become a couple and can become a rival"

"Brokenhearted like oil in face,we try to clear up n they'll come again,it makes us mess if we too much try but it makes us younger if we let it"

"You'll think love is rotten when you first feel hurt and you'll think love is eternity when you first find Mr/Mrs Imperfection.."

"Being loved is a happiness and hurt is a's a fate.."

"Don't be naive,do what you want,say what you think,and try them with your wise touch"

"If you think you have been grown up,it means you only children who still frightened with this wild life.."

"For this moment,I'm not trying to get away from reality, I'm just trying to prepare my self for looking a new love :)"

"Maybe i need a day, a week, a month,or a year to forget..but the most important is i need a courage and i got it when we done the last kiss"

"When you feel hurt by someone you love, you'll say thanks for the life lessons, and they'll say sorry for the inanity.. you'll see it later"

29, april 2010 thu 7.57 PM.


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